Las Vegas Elements Training Center, LLC.

 LVE... Then & Now

       1999 marked a new era for cheerleading in Las Vegas. 20 girls from local middle schools and high schools came together to form the first all-star cheerleading program, Las Vegas Elite Vipers.  Since that first season in '99 the interest for competitive cheerleading has continued to grow. 

     In 2004 the program was ready for a change.  A new gym, new name, and new owner… Las Vegas Elements was formed.  Nicole Henigan, one of the original members of the 1999 LVE team, was now the owner of Las Vegas Elements Training Center, LLC., a facility designed for the sole purpose of training cheerleaders as athletes.   

     Over the past fifteen years the level of cheerleading has increased across the nation, and the need for highly qualified and trained coaches has grown with it.  Being a premier gym in the valley, LVE requires that instructors maintain a CPR and Safety Certification, and a USASF (United States All Star Federation) certification. Staff is also required to attend "in house training sessions", which allows for a complete and consistent training format. Coaches learn the newest and safest techniques to work with all skill levels.  Proper technique is everything in cheerleading.  We instill this in our instructors, and it is carried over into our athletes.  

     Although the coaches lead very busy lives outside of cheerleading, they come together to share their passion for cheerleading with the youth of Las Vegas.  Training them not only be great cheerleaders on the floor, but also to be great citizens in their schools and in the community.  In a city like Las Vegas there are many things that the kids can get involved with, good and bad.  LVE strives to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all. We go beyond providing a great facility and great equipment to insure personal growth for our athletes, and success for our teams.  The talent, energy, and experience of our coaches, trainers, & choreographers create an enthusiasm and success in all of the programs LVE has to offer (Floor Tumbling Classes, Cheerleading Classes, and All-Star Cheer Teams).  

     The experience we have gained over the past 16 years is immeasurable, and the staff is ready and willing to share that success with the youth of Las Vegas.  We feel confident that we deliver the most disciplined and extensive training available in Las Vegas.  We encourage you to come by and visit our facility.  Remember, your first class is free.  We appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to meeting you!



What is All Star Cheerleading?

* All Star Cheer is a competitive cheerleading program that competes with other All Star programs from around the nation and even around the world. Instead of cheering at games or for teams, All Stars train to compete. All Star routines incorporate many different elements such as tumbling, dance, stunting and jumps. these action packed 2 min 30 sec routines are high energy and amazing skill. All Star is all about team work, since you may share the competition floor with 5- 32 other athletes, one person can effect the rest of the team, so it is very important that new members understand that All Stars is a time commitment for an entire season.


Can I Cheer All Stars?

*The answer is yes!  Allstars begin at the tiny (3 years-5 years) age group and compete in allstar cheerleading until they graduate from high school.

 There is a place for everyone at Las Vegas Elements no matter the current level of cheer experience.  We place our students based on age, ability and experience.  Everyone is a winner at Las Vegas Elements!

How much does it cost?

* All fees are split into monthly payments. During the summer months Elements gear (uniform, warm ups, brief, bow, make up, practice clothes, bag) are paid in monthly installments from May until August. The fees are in addition to monthly tuition which varies by how many hours the team practices each week. Beginning in September through January we collect the competition fees for the entire season, these are also divided up by month. Different payments plans are available by request.

***Exact costs are given in the tryout packet at the beginning of each season


Can I fundraise?

* YES YOU CAN! We have an amazing booster club that heads up many fundraisers all season from fireworks booths to selling T shirts at events and concerts. Fundraising is optional but many parents fundraise their entire season of costs and pay little or no money out of pocket. Another option is to get sponsors. Sponsors may donate money to your athlete as advertising or for a tax write off. Advertising sponsorship forms are available in the forms section and tax deductible forms are available by request to the booster club. The money you raise by either working or getting sponsorships goes completely to your athlete and not to the program, thus, you are not working for other people! Please contact our booster club president at or visit the Las Vegas Elements Booster Club page on facebook for more information!

Las Vegas Elements

What's New?

We LOVE this cheer gym! Both my daughter and son started off with Saturday morning rec classes then moved to All-Star Prep & All-Star teams. The coaches have been amazing with them and they have grown so much as athletes in just the past year alone. We couldn't imagine taking them to any other gym. 
- Crystal