Virtual Training

Welcome to our new Virtual Training Site! 

We have been working hard to offer our athletes training alternatives while we are unable to teach in person. We hope this will give our members some ways to keep busy until they can return to the gym.

LiVE Classes

YouTube Channel Home Workouts

 Social Media Challenges

LVE Activities

Here's how it works:

The calendar below will have all the activities that athletes/parents can participate in each day while the gym is closed.

  • LiVE activities require LiVE video conferencing participation via ZOOM (link on calendar or above- we suggest signing on 5 minutes before) LiVE Virtual Class Descriptions

  • YOUTUBE Channel Home Workouts - These can be done at anytime.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA Challenges- Follow us on Instagram as we are posting all kinds of fun challenges to do at home. Make it a family affair and send us videos or tag is in your posts! Prizes will be given to the winners!

  • LVE ACTIVITIES- Download and print cheer related brain training activities.

Las Vegas Elements

What's New?

We LOVE this cheer gym! Both my daughter and son started off with Saturday morning rec classes then moved to All-Star Prep & All-Star teams. The coaches have been amazing with them and they have grown so much as athletes in just the past year alone. We couldn't imagine taking them to any other gym. 
- Crystal