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Tryout FAQs

Tryout FAQ's

What if I am unable to attend tryouts? 

We accept video tryouts and also schedule individual tryouts for those who are unable to attend tryouts. We recommend sending in videos or scheduling private tryouts prior to the tryout date to ensure proper placement. For further information, please e-mail your name, your child's name and age, and e-mail address or phone number to admin@lasvegaselements.com

How can I afford competitive cheerleading?

LVE works hard to keep our prices low! We have a very active booster club that offers many opportunities for you to supplement your cost by working events and participating in sales fundraising. We also provide you with sponsorship letters that will allow you to ask friends, family or businesses for donations for your athlete. Many families have been able to supplement a majority of their cost by taking an active part in our booster club.

Are there skill requirements to make a team?

Some teams will have requirements, while others will not.
Level 1: No requirements
Level 2: Back walkover, standing back handspring, round off back handspring
Level 3: All level 2 skills plus jump combo to standing back hand spring series and round off back hand spring tuck
Level 4: All level 2 and 3 skills plus jump combo to standing back hand spring tuck, standing tuck and round off back hand spring layout
Level 5: All level 2, 3 and 4 skills plus jump combo to standing back tuck and round off back hand spring full.

Tumbling is NOT the only skill we look at, but it does weigh more when deciding level placement. We will evaluate each athlete at tryouts and place them on the team in need of their particular skills.

*********Private tryouts are available through December of each season.